TVT “Bladder Tack”

The TVT (tension free vaginal tape) bladder neck suspension is a revolutionary, minimally invasive surgical technique which has helped hundreds of thousands of womem gain control of their bladders and their lives.

During the TVT process the urologist places a synthetic sling under the urethra which serves as a hammock to

provide proper support for the bladder neck. Dr. Perlow performs this process in about 45 minutes. The TVT is usually done as an outpatient procedure.


Tension-free vaginal tape procedures may be appropriate for women with stress urinary incontinence. During the procedure a sling is created using a synthetic mesh ribbon-like strip that is surgically inserted through the vagina to provide support at the middle of the urethra whenever strain on this area is caused by actions such as sneezing . Providing support to this area is more like natural muscle support. This allows the urethra to remain closed, preventing the accidental release of urine. Unlike other procedures, no anchors or sutures are necessary. Because the procedure is minimally invasive, recovery time is shorter than traditional bladder tack procedures.