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Prostate Problems

Prostate Problems

Prostate problems are common in men age 50 and older. Sometimes men feel symptoms themselves, or sometimes their doctors find prostate problems during routine exams.

BPH (benign prostatic hyperplasia) is an extrodinary commom condition affecting men over fifty.This can result in symptoms of frequent urination-day or night, weak urine stream, a sensation of incomplete emptying, urinary incontinence and sometimes blood in the urine. Dr. Perlow been treating men with BPH for over 20 years. In addition he has extensive experience treating prostatitis and inflamation of the prostate which can affect men of all ages.

Every year, countless families are devastated by prostate cancer. Yet, a simple, routine annual exam can usually detect it early enough to provide effective treatment. Perlow Urology Practice, P.C. can provide you with convenient testing using up-to-date procedures including ultrasound guided biopsy when needed.

We offer effective, advanced treatment for all kinds of prostate problems, including prostate cancer, painful or difficult urination, enlarged prostate, frequent urination, passing blood in urine and urinary tract infections. We also offer effective treatment for venereal warts and kidney stones.